An amazing August at Devon Carriages

bruno 1After treating himself to a holiday at the end of July, the start of August was the time for Bruno to get back to work – He had a brand new pair of shoes fitted and was ready to trot!

During the time off, I took the opportunity to discover a few branches of Bruno’s Family Tree. Using an online tool, I managed to find a beautiful photograph of Bruno’s Sire (Dad) – what a stunning stallion he is! Absolutely gorgeous…I can see the resemblance! We always knew that Bruno was special, but it turns out that he really is one of a kind; Bruno is a Baroque style Fresian and there are only 2 others in the UK. Both of the other 2 are related to Bruno, they’re called Wessel and Gerke. To give you an idea of their uniqueness, Wessel ‘s stud fee is £500!

The gorgeous long August days gave us some great opportunities to go out for drives around Ilfracombe. We’ve had a few times where we’ve been caught in a shower but Bruno’s enjoyed himself nonetheless with his ears pricked forward the whole way, what a happy boy he is!

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